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Planning Commission

Comprehensive Plan

Medical Lake’s Comprehensive Plan is a decision-making tool. The plan reflects the residents’ chosen path into the future by anticipating changes in the community and laying out policies and programs to guide the city in managing these changes.

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council who provide advice and recommendations on land use issues at the local level. The appointment is for a period of six years. Responsibilities include implementing the comprehensive plan, making recommendations to the City Council for amendments to the municipal code and plans, and evaluating land use reviews.

Elected Officials

Mark Hudson
Marye Jorgenson
Judy Mayulianos
Andie Mark
Carl Munson

2024 Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes

January 25, 2024 Planning Commission

February 22, 2024 Planning Commission

March 28, 2024 Planning Commission

April 18, 2024 Planning Commission

May 16, 2024 Planning Commission

June 27, 2024 Planning Commission

View 2023 Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes

View 2022 Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes

For all Planning Commission meeting agendas and minutes dating back further than 2022, please submit a records request.

Recently Adopted Ordinances

Select a title listed below to learn more about the most recent City of Medical Lake ordinances.

For a complete listing of all municipal codes and city ordinances, please visit our page at


Ordinance 1108: Critical Areas
Ordinance 1109: Complete Streets

Ordinance 1116: Official Zoning Map (Correcting 2019)

Ordinance 1117: Adopting Official Zoning Map 2023

Ordinance 1118: Budget Amendments 2023

Ordinance 1120: Final Budget 2024
Ordinance 1121: Budget Amendments December 2023
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