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Parks and Trails

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Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is the largest city park with about forty-five (45) acres located on the southern shore of Medical Lake. It provides opportunities for recreation and leisure, including picnic areas, a swimming area and beach, a playground, boat launch, parking lot, and an active sports complex including two lit softball fields and three additional play fields. The park has over a mile of shoreline and includes the Medical Lake Trail. 

Medical Lake Waterfront Park is easily accessible via Spokane Transit Authority (STA) public transportation bussing system.

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Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park is a one-acre park adjacent to the Central Business District (CBD) located on Medical Lake. Facilities include picnic areas, public restrooms and limited parking. The park acts as a link, providing access to lake-based recreation and downtown activities, and is linked to the city’s trail system. 

Shepard Field

Shepard Field is located in Fox Hollow and is an open field used for local soccer programs with public restrooms and parking. 

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Peper Park

Peper Park is a quiet one-acre park located along the north shore of Medical Lake, frequented by the local geese and duck population. It is a great place to observe wildlife and is linked to the city’s trail system.

Wilcox Park

Wilcox Park is a half-acre park located on the edge of Fox Hollow subdivision to the north of the downtown. It includes a playground, picnic tables, and off-street parking.

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Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is just over one-acre located in the central neighborhood with apartments on two sides. There is play equipment, picnic facilities and public restrooms. This park is a popular hangout for the school age population. 


North End Trailhead

North End Trailhead is a two-acre park located on the north end of Medical Lake consisting primarily of open space, with areas for picnicking, viewing the lake, and parking. This park is linked to the city’s trail system, meaning you can access the Medical Lake Loop Trail very easily from here. 

Medical Lake Trail

Medical Lake Trail, also called Medical Lake Loop, is one of the city’s most popular recreational attractions. This three-mile long multi-use trail encompasses ten acres, encircles Medical Lake, and boasts access to one mile of Medical Lake shoreline. The trail offers a natural environment and urban downtown access. It also links four city parks, the city core, the Central Business District (CBD), and residential neighborhoods. 

Fox Hollow Trail

Fox Hollow Trail, also called Quail Meadow WWTP Trail, was completed in 2000. This one-mile long multi-use trail connects the north end of Medical Lake to the Fox Hollow subdivision and nearby residential areas. It wraps around Shepard Field and the City’s water treatment plant.

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