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Medical Lake

Our city’s namesake has a long and fascinating history. There is a trail system surrounding the lake, part of it running through Waterfront Park on the south side of the lake where you can enjoy the beachfront, swimming area, playground, grassy areas, softball fields, and various events throughout the year. There are other parks located on Medical Lake’s shoreline, as well. Also on the south side of the lake is the public boat launch, which is owned and maintained by the City of Medical Lake; please keep in mind that all types of motors are prohibited on this lake.

Fishing on Medical Lake

Fishing season opens March 1st and continues through November 30th. This is a very popular lake for flyfishing. Selective gear rules apply, so gear is limited to artificial flies with barbless single-point hooks or lures with barbless single-point hooks, and the use of bait is prohibited. Up to 3 hooks may be used, and only knotless nets. Two-pole fishing is allowed, and there are some spots around the lake where you can fish from shore.

West Medical Lake

Access to West Medical Lake, particularly for the purposes of fishing, is available through a WDFW-managed site and boat launch on the south end of the lake. It is illegal to walk through the private property on the north end of the lake to access the shoreline, please do not trespass. 

Fishing on West Medical Lake

West Medical Lake fishing season opens each year on the fourth Saturday in April. This lake is an opening day trout managed water and continues to be stocked with Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. Two-pole fishing is allowed, and there are some shore fishing opportunities.

When kept clean of other species, this lake is one of the best producing opening day trout lakes in the state. There are some treatments required to eradicate invasive Goldfish, please visit the WDFW website for more information. 

Silver Lake

Located just outside the town of Medical Lake, Silver Lake is a very popular lake for fishermen, and enjoyable for boaters, as well. Although the majority of the shoreline is privately owned, there is a public boat launch managed by WDFW on the northwest side of the lake and Ruby’s Resort & RV.

Fishing on Silver Lake

Fishing on Silver Lake is open year-round, with a large variety of fish to suit each angler’s preference. Fishing for warmwater species including largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and perch. Two-pole fishing is allowed, there are some shore fishing opportunities, and this is a great local lake to go ice fishing.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is a wonderful place to enjoy during the warm months of the year, whether it be boating, fishing, or camping. There are a few water access points, including a public boat launch on the south side of the lake, Clear Lake Military Resort on the southeast with a private boat launch, and Sun Cove Resort on the northeast. 

Fishing on Clear Lake

Clear Lake fishing season opens on the fourth Saturday in April and goes through October 31st. The lake is stocked each spring with yearling rainbow, broodstock rainbows, and brown trout. Good largemouth bass and black crappie fisheries are available here as well. Two-pole fishing is allowed, and there are some shore fishing opportunities.

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