Please no stumps and limit branch/trunk size to 6 feet in length and 12 inches in diameter.

For all City residents: You may now dispose of any tree debris (including branches and trunks that have been cut into smaller sections) from the recent windstorm at the vacant lot located on the southwest corner of Brooks Rd. and Lefevre St. (commonly known as the funeral home site) at no charge. The City anticipates this site being available for this purpose until the end of January.

Medical Lake City Council Vacancy

The City of Medical Lake City Council is seeking applicants to fill vacant City Council Position 7. To be eligible to serve on the City Council you must be a registered voter of the City and have resided within the City limits for a minimum of one year. The Council appointee will hold office until the November 2021 general election. An application questionnaire may be requested from City Hall by emailing city@medical-lake.org and must be completed and returned no later than 4 p.m. on January 21, 2021.